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Turn Your Ideas Into Profits

                               With more than 30 years of experience and core  technology of speakers, PA  loudspeakers, driver unit, DK has had  huge success in OEM service with our  clients from 2 well known companies in  Germany since 2006. Throughout these  years of cooperation, our skills and  knowledge has been sharpen and approved. DK is now in excellent position to supply you with first class products at competitive prices. We are proudly and confidently to offer not only quality horn speakers and siren drivers, but also well established OEM service to turn your ideas into products.


The professional research and development team of DK aims at ensuring DK customized OEM and ODM service to secure our customers’ benefit and the unique selling point of their products. Being totally confidential and completely authorization is our highest guideline so as to meet customers’ demand.

 In the meantime, we also sell products without logos and labels. Quality standards and approvals are in accordance to buyers’ requests. Minimum order quantity for OEM service: MOQ differs according to different products you buy. If customers want to get OEM service without the quantity meeting our MOQ standard, additional fee will be collected. For detailed information, please contact our sales representatives.



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