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    DK PA-Systems  
    High Power Aluminum Speaker  
    TU 300/400  
    Siren Horn Loudspeakers  
    TC 50F  
    TC 100  
    TC 100L  
    TC 100H  
    Paging Horn Speaker  
    TC 301/301U  
    TC 201/201U  
    TC 30  
    Paging Horn Speaker with Transformer  
    TC 15T  
    TC 30T  
    Plastic Horn Loudspeaker  
    30 Watt Plastic Horn Loudspeaker  
    15 Watt Plastic Horn Speaker  
    Ceiling Loudspeaker  
    Ceiling Loudspeaker Standard  
    Fire-proof type Ceiling Loudspeaker  
    Polymer Version Ceiling Loudspeaker  
    Sound Bowl Ceiling Loudspeaker  
    Spherical Ceiling Loudspeaker  
    Driver Unit  
    DKU 15-35F  
    TU 15L-50N  
    DKU 60F  
    DKU 100F  
    Driver Units with Transformers  
    Siren Driver Unit  
    DKU 60N  
    DKU 100N  
    DK Security Systems  
    Digital Surveillance  
    PCI based DVR  
    USB 2.0 - DVR  
    Wireless Appliance  
    Wireless Security Digital Photo Frame  
    Wireless AV signal transmitter  
    DK Safety Warning Systems  
    Siren 250-4000  
    Electronic Siren  
    Siren 250-2000 M05  
    Siren 250 M05  
    Siren 500 M05  
    Siren 1000 M05  
    Siren 2000 M05  
    Siren 250-2000 M10  
    Siren 250 M10  
    Siren 500 M10  
    Siren 1000 M10  
    Siren 2000 M10  
    Mobile Siren  
    Mobile Siren M250  
DK Security Systems Digital Surveillance PCI based DVR
.Mobile Surveillance
Whatever where you are in the world, connecting your server via GPRS network by your cellphone
.Live Audio Monitoring
At local or remote, you can hear our audio performance very clear on live
.IE Browse 16 Cameras
Simply enter IP address or domain name. We provide you a powerful Web Browser function
.Right key Pop-up Menu
Friendly like Windows OS, use our right-key function to get a menu to setup easily
.Channel Image Preview
Provide camera image preview in channel/camera setup, convenient to adjust
.Excellent Video and Audio Transmission Quality
Superior two-way communication performance, Video and audio are synchronous
.High Accurate In Motion Detection
Trigger threshold and noise filter adjust by system to reduce the rate of mistake
.Remote Connection can be Managed by Group
Build your own remote group, one IP on ICON, there is no limitation
.Smart Backup Function
Remote backup to another server in LAN, make sure your files are safer
.Event Alarm
Send E-mail alarm message when event be triggered, you can also change different alarm sounds

Technical Data







Video Input

16 Channels

8 Channels

4 Channels

16 Channels

Audio Input

4 Channels on 1 Card for Audio Recording


320*240, 640*480 (NTSC)
320*240, 384*288, 640*480, 768*576 (PAL)

Display Speed

120 frames per sec (NTSC)
100 frames per sec (PAL)

Video recording speed

120 frames per sec (NTSC)
100 frames per sec (PAL)

Sound Recording speed

From Telephone's (11.025KHz) quality to CD's (44.1KHz) quality

Video compression

Built-in MPEG4, support VCM Encoder (unlimited for extension, such as IndeoxR video, Xvid..etc.), can be chosen for an optimal video quality.

PTZ control

Support PTZ Camera, intuitively PTZ control interface


Up Support 16 port connect to other I/O devices(must pair with Remote Control Box)

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