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DK Safety Warning Systems Siren 250-2000 M05 Siren 2000 M05
(1) The Siren 2000 M05 electronic siren serves to alert the fire and rescue services and to warn the public in the event of an emergency.

(2) The system consists of an electronic control unit and sixteen acoustic radiators. The current required for operation is taken from two absolutely maintenance-free lead batteries. Prolonged operation is guaranteed even in the event of a power failure. Mains-independent operation on a solar power supply is also possible as an option.

(3) The control unit contains 8 short-circuit proof, overtemperature-protected low frequency amplifiers with 250 Watt output power each.

(4) Digital signal processors DSP generate the necessary audio frequency signals, control and monitor the power output stages and simultaneously measure the functionality of the acoustic radiator systems connected to the outputs. Differences in impedance of the radiators, variation in voltage of the batteries are also monitored and automatically set, if necessary, to the nominal power output.

(5) The SLG98 power supply unit provides a temperature-compensated and conservant charging of the batteries. It also supplies the voltages required for the system. feeding of a two way-radio a 12 volts / 0.4 A power supply is already built in. This unit also contains the charge controller for an alternative solar energy supply.

(6) The individual components are linked by the connection card VPE98. The optocoupler inputs also on this guarantee electrical isolation from external devices.

(7) A notebook or a service device can be connected via a programming adapter to a 37-pin SUB-D socket. This can be used to check the operating states of the system and load new program routines.

(8) The various terminals, fuse holders and an overvoltage protection element for the 230V mains supply voltage are located on the mounting rail. An optional overvoltage protection can be installed in the antenna cable.

(9) The complete electronics, including the batteries are installed in a steel cabinet with the dimensions 600x1000x350mm. The cabinet is electrophoretically dipped and powder coated with RAL 7032.

(10) The cable inlets for mains and external alarm generators and the acoustic radiators are on the bottom of the machine.

(11) The basic equipment includes a connection possibility for an external radio control as well as a fire and fire drill alarm.

(12) A radio control and a handheld microphone with preamplifier can be integrated in the cabinet as options.

(13) The outdoor unit consists of sixteen acoustic radiators with the appropriate flanges and covers. They are made of corrosion-resistant diecast aluminum. All screws and fastenings are made of stainless steel. An antenna carrier can be mounted optionally.

(14) The use of high-quality, reliable components mean that no maintenance work is necessary in the whole system.

(15) The required technical data are fully complied with in a temperature range from -40° to +70° Celsius. However, the use of lead batteries restricts the application to-25° Celsius. In this range the capacity may drop dependent to the load.

Technical data

Soundlevel in dB(A) SPL at a distance of 30m

Omnidirectional 180°(Average)


Omnidirectional 360°(Average)


Directed 0°(Peak)


Directed 20°(Peak)


Basic frequency


Temperature range

-50°C to +70°C

Number of Horns


Total weight in kg:

Omnidirectional 180°


Omnidirectional 360°


Directed 0°


Directed 20°


Cubic unit(w x h x d) in mm

Omnidirectional 180°

830 x 5430 x 160

Omnidirectional 360°

830 x 3200 x 830

Directed 0°


Directed 20°

630 x 5430 x 720

AV = Average Leq in 30m about 360°
Peak = Leq in 30m - preferential direction
Leq = equivalent steady sound level acc to DIN IEC 804


Power output RMS

2000W via service unit reduceable in 3 dB steps

potential-free input for siren signals


potential-free clock input


Power supply

230V AC

Power input in stand-by mode


current consumption during power failure in standby mode


Number of alarms during power failure

at least 20 siren alarms of 1 min. duration over a period of 10 days at above 0°C

Temperature range for electronics

-40°C to +70°C

Temperature range for battery

-25°C to +60°C

Cubic unit (w x h x d in mm)

600 x 1000 x 350mm

degree of protection

IP 54

Weight in kg




Nominal capacity C20













OPT-Siren 040

Local microphone (handheld microphone with preamplifier)


OPT-Siren 060

Solar operation


OPT-Siren 070

Antenna surge voltage conductor


OPT-Siren 080

Antenna carrier


OPT-Siren 090

Holder for remote control receiver


OPT-Siren 100

100V-ELA technique


OPT-Siren 120

Programming adapter



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